Ross Squire's Curriculum Vitae

1975 – 1981
Indentured to Ronald Alfred Squire and attended Sydney TAFE. Attained Craftsman’s Certificate in Locksmithing. Due to Mr R A Squire senior’s diverse background in engineering, which ranged from agricultural to aviation, Ross Squire’s training was not limited to general locksmithing and servicing, and comprised additional skills in design and development. Employment at Ron Squire & Sons Locksmiths further enhanced the skills acquired during indentureship. Ross Squire was recognised as a Master Locksmith by the Master Locksmith’s Association 1981.

Development of Forensic Examination Techniques
Mr. Squire’s interest in forensic science was sparked by an article on forensic lock examination in a trade journal in 1976 and from this time he steadily developed his interest and skill as a forensic examiner. To date, Mr. Squire has been involved in thousands of automobile, commercial premise, and domestic premise forensic investigations for insurers, private individuals, and legal, police and government organisations. His experience in this area is unparalleled in depth and scope.

1981 – Current
Continued employment at Ron Squire & Sons Locksmiths, now trading as ABC Forensic Services, where Mr. Squire is currently the proprietor. Mr. Squire’s areas of expertise are automotive, commercial and forensic locksmithing. Appearances in court to date have included all levels of the NSW judicial system, and appearances before the Federal and Supreme Courts of Australia. In matters of litigation Mr. Squire has worked for individual clients as well as for and against large insurers. He has also been involved in the development of security products achieving Australian and international patents that were widely used in the motor industry locally and in the United States.