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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forensic Locksmithing?

Forensic examination and interrogation of locking systems and electronic security systems is often necessary in the resolution of matters such as fraud and criminal investigations and also where insurance claims are disputed. ABC Forensic Locksmiths is equipped to provide you with a professional determination as to whether your exhibit has been subjected to breach or bypass. We arrive at these findings through the examination of your exhibit using a range of specialised tools including microscope, borescope and advanced digital and multimedia equipment.

Any points to note when providing information?

To avoid any possibility of bias we request that information not relevant to the forensic examination be withheld. For example names, witness statements, investigators reports. All reports are produced in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses as defined by Part 28 and 28A of the District Court Rules.

How secure are the exhibits passed on to be examined?

We regard the security and continuity of exhibits as a high priority. To this end, all exhibits are recorded on receipt and are kept on secure premises. Our lab facility is used exclusively for forensic examination and is secured by patrols and back to base alarm. The address is not available to the public.

What about availability for Barristers Conferences & Court Appearances?

Where appearance as a witness is required, Ross Squire is experienced in and aware of the importance of barrister’s conferences prior to court appearances. His availability to provide advice and answer questions on his reports ensures that barristers are fully briefed and conversant with the report contents.

He is also familiar and experienced with all levels of the Australian Court System. He is able to clearly and succinctly explain the detail of his reports for the benefit of the Court and is both skilled and confident in presenting evidence-in-chief and under cross examination.

What is Legal Professional Privilege?

Legal Professional Privilege is a rule of evidence which ensures confidentiality of any document between clients and their legal advisers. It is very important for private clients to instruct our firm through a solicitor at first instance to ensure privilege is maintained. (See Contact Information page)