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Three Levels of Reporting

To provide our clients with cost-effective and timely information we have developed a three part reporting system. During your association with us you may receive one, two or all of these reports on each investigation.

Initial Findings
In the initial report we will advise you of one of the following things:

  1. that after examination we have found that there has been a genuine breach or bypass of your exhibit. A brief description will be provided. In these cases we assume that no further examination is required. You do of course have the option of requesting a more detailed examination.
  2. that after a preliminary examination we have found no evidence to suggest that there is a breach or bypass, or that the damage to your exhibit would not have effected the breach or bypass. We will provide a brief explanation of these findings at this stage and will request further instruction from you advising whether to proceed with a more detailed examination and final report or to conclude the examination at this stage.

Secondary Findings
Where an examination is particularly time consuming or complicated or if requested we can provide you with a secondary finding briefly advising of the progress of the examination prior to the completion of the final report. It also estimates the due completion of the final report.

Final Report
This brings together all the evidence gathered throughout the examination process using high resolution digital imaging to provide you with an illustrated explanation of points raised in the report. The final report takes the reader through the examination process so you will be able to clearly see how conclusions of the examination have been reached. Also present in the final report may be other information germane to the examination. For example, specifications from car manufacturers on componentry may be included in your report, as may other technical information.